What are skills? What can they be used for?

Skills are power-ups that help you on your way to the top. 
Each of them works in a different way: 

  • Accountant - Reduces all taxes for selling and purchasing (won’t lower the base price, but the added tax)
  • Tycoon - Increases maximum portfolio size
  • Innovator - Reduces property costs
  • Landlord - Increases property rent
  • Speculator - Increases property valuations (price for new properties won’t increase)
  • Lawyer - Increases the number of properties available for paperwork
  • Explorer - Extends buy property list
  • Banker - Increases cash tank size
  • Landowner - Increases maximum land portfolio size
  • Property Agent - Increases search radius of the Agent

To access skills tab, select Panel and choose tab with the statistics icon. 

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